1991: Saint Joseph’s Church

Saint Joseph’s Church of Brookfield (1991)

Starting in 1867 a weekly mass was held in the home of Merry Meaney, the great-grandmother of Mary Smith. In 1892 the initial mission Chapel Church was opened on Pocono Road. In 1941 the mission became a parish of its own and remained at the Pocono Road location. In 1943 a rectory house was purchased on Longmeadow Hill Road and a Grotto was dedicated behind the house. The Grotto faces Route 25 and remains there today.

In 1952 land at the corner of Routes 25 and 133 was purchased including a house for a Church Community Center that was opened in 1956 and a school that opened in 1958. Chapel functions were moved to the basement of the school in 1961. The present day church, located next to the school was opened in April 1991.